Friday, April 24, 2009


Alright gunna start doin YouTube only question is....WTF do i do in these videos?? Do people really give a FUCK how im livin & what i gotta say?!?!? lmfao we'll see!!!!!


  1. so where the eff is the link to your youtube???

  2. Hey, I'm from F why me dot com, we are friends on myspace. I see your looking to do some youtube videos.. Well we are looking for someone to do some youtube videos for us.. Kinda like a representative..

    Sort of like "Danica Patrick" is to we would like for someone to be to us..

    Right now on the site we have Jokes confessions and Fwims (Fuck why me stories) We dont really have the whole idea down but we were figuring someone to maybe read some of the stories maybe go to a few local places (that we would pay for) ask people things. Maybe live confessions, i don't really know but if it sounds like something you would like to do please get back to us.. You can reach me at the email addy i used to post this or msg me on MySpace